Layouts, Themes and theme sections

Change theme banners and slider

How to customize theme images - banners and sliders

How to create a new page layout

If you have multiple stores in your account and want to create different pages with different content sections for different stores or you want to create different page styles for different categories or products

Theme editor

How to edit theme and pages in built-in theme editor

Custom CSS styles

How to add custom CSS styles

Change store theme and theme image sizes settings

How to change store design and image sizes settings

How to add or remove content section

Sections allow you to customize pages content without having to touch or even see any code. fesh includes dozens of different section types -  slideshows, image galleries and carousels, banners, text sections, featured products, special or new products and other sections. You can edit section settings, remove or add additional sections.

Module positions

Module position in fesh. default themes. (3rd part themes could have other positions)

About Layouts and Module positions

Layouts and page types, how to add an extension or a module to layout. 

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