Marketing automation

Increase conversions, sales and your revenue with free marketing automation system

Create a personalized marketing funnels

Keep your customers engaged with personalized marketing journey based on their purchases and activity

Welcome series

Greet new customers with a warm welcome - send a quick welcome message or create an email series with the promo codes and discounts that inspire them

Abandoned cart reminder

By sending these automated reminders, online stores see a rise in sales as shoppers return to complete their purchases

Customer re-engagement

Reach out customers you haven't heard from in a while with personalized offers

Product recommendations and cross-sell

Send your customers related or recommended products based on their purchases

After purchase follow-up

Send automated follow-up sequence that increases satisfaction by helping a new customer gain as much value as possible from their purchase

Email reminder to repurchase

Do you sell products that customers need to restock time and time again? Automatically remind your customers when it's time to reorder from your store

Mailing under control

Campaigns without quality control are like shooting at a target with your eyes closed - you will not know whether the letter was opened, was it read, and how interested the recipient was

The built-in email campaign reports will provide the most important data and quality indicators:

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate
  • Links clicked
  • Unsubscribe percentage
  • New orders by each newsletter
effectiveness of checkout pages, your advertising campaigns and traffic sources calculation

Built-in Analytics

If tracking is enabled in your email campaign, we'll calculate the effectiveness of your email campaigns in real-time - how many clicks and orders you get, ROI and your revenue and other important information from each activity