Add and edit products

  1. Go to Catalog Products
  2. Press "pencil button" to edit or  "+ button" in top right corner to create a new product

Products list

Product add/edit form

Most important fields

    1. Product name
    2. Description Text that will describe this product
      SEO settings:
    3. Meta Title (best practice for SEO) - type product name
    4. Meta Tag Description  (best practice for SEO) - A summary to describe the product page to search engines (up to 170 symbols)

  1. Visibility block
    1.  Image - Here you can add product images - one main image and unlimited additional images.  How to upload and assign images
    2.  Status - show or hide product
      In Advanced Settings you can set:
    3. SEO URL
    4.  Date Available - you can create products for future publishing and set an available date for automatic product publishing in the store
    5.  Sort order in category
  2.  Organization block
    1.  Model
    2. Vendor - set product vendor. You can create available vendors in Catalog-Vendors
    3. Categories - set product categories. You can create available categories in Catalog-Categories. You can add the product to multiple categories!
      In Advanced Settings you can set:
    4.  Related Products  
    5.  Downloadable files for digital products

  3. Price block
    1. Price
      Additional options:
    2. Reward Points for the loyalty program. You can set how many points needed to buy this product and how many loyalty points the customer will get after the product purchase
    3. Tax Class - Learn more about the tax system
    4. Discounts - you can set different product discounts for different stores in your account or for different client groups.  Also, you can limit discount availability time. You can set a special price or percent discount

    5. Bulk Pricing - you can set different bulk pricing for different stores in your account,  limit pricing availability time and set a special price or percent discount

      In this example, you can see different product pricing - the client that buy more than 10 items - will get 10% discount, 20 items - 20% discount and more than 30 items - 50% discount

    6. Recurring Payments - learn how to manage recurring payments

  4. Inventory block
    1. Available - how many products you have in stock
    2. Subtract Stock "Yes" will subtract the stock from the quantity of the product (Ex: If there are 100 computers, and a customer buys 2 computers, Subtract Stock will change the quantity to 98).
    3. SKU, UPS, EAN  different types of product barcodes
      In Advanced Settings you can set:
    4. Minimum Quantity in order
    5. ISBN
    6. MPN

  5. Shipping block
    1. Requires Shipping - yes or no If yes - shipping method and shipping rates steeps will appear while checkout 

  6. Product variants and specifications block
    Attributes are the specifications that allows to compare between products or to describe features of your product.
    Attributes should be previously created under Catalog > Attributes, then assigned to a product 
    More about product attributes

    Product options gives you the ability to sell different versions of the same product, like different colors and/or sizes and allows to customers to compare between different products.
    Options should be previously created under Catalog > Options, then assigned to a product.
    More about product options