How to adapt online store design

How to create a good and selling design? 

The best design is the one you do not notice. The most important thing on your store is the products you are going to sell - these are the first things a visitor to your store should pay attention to. So, at least for the first time, we recommend that you do not make significant changes to our themes and limit yourself to replacing images and banners. All our themes are designed by professional designers and marketing specialists and have been proven to be effective many times.


Changing images and banners

Choose My Store - Banners and Sliders in the sidebar. There you will find all theme images and banner blocks. By clicking the edit button on the right, you will see images of each block and text on the images. You can replace them with your own, edit (or delete) text on the image, and also add a link.


Changing colors and fonts

You can change page background, link colors, and other theme elements to match the colors of your logo or promo materials.

If you have website development skills, you can change design elements in the built-in theme editor (My Store - Theme - Theme Editor) or add your CSS styles (My Store - Theme - Custom CSS styles). If you don’t have such knowledge - contact our support staff to get help! You can open a support ticket by writing to  from your contact email.


Changing store theme

Go to the sidebar and click My Store - Theme - Theme Settingschoose a store and select a new theme. We recommend you to check "Load default theme modules" checkbox for loading all theme modules.


  • How to adapt online store design

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