fesh. - Multi Vendor (Seller) Marketplace
eCommerce Multi Vendor (Seller) Marketplace

Features for administrator

Set global commission rate for all sellers

Manage different commission for different sellers

Set required approval or auto-verify new seller accounts

Disable or remove sellers any time

Manage seller account settings and info

Track sellers earning, sales and products

Manage and edit sellers orders, sales, products and reviews

Make transactions to sellers

Set required approval or auto-verify new sellers products

Set a product to any seller

Check transactions of any seller

Set payment gateways, shipping options and rates

eCommerce Marketplace features

Features for sellers

Separate profile page for all the sellers

Separate seller store with full seller catalog

Unique URL of the seller’s store page

Can set store logo, store profile picture (banner) and store info to represent their store

Can set contact information and social media links

Separate seller dashboard with all vital information - orders, sales, reviews, messages from customers, earning...

Show seller information on the product detail page

Manage and edit physical, downloadable or digital products

Set fix shipping rates based order or product

Add, edit, delete products

Check Orders and update order history

Features for customers

Buy products from different sellers at the same order

Can compare products from different sellers

Can view a particular seller store and browse their catalog

Can give rating and review to sellers

Send a message directly to the seller

fesh. is trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores all over the world

Create, run and grow your online store with fesh. You can start taking orders from a bold, easy-to-use online store in a few hours after sign-up!

How it works

Step 1 1. Short registration form
Step 2 2. Check your email
In a few minutes you will get store access information
Step 3 3. Store configuration
Log in to your store and follow the Setup Wizard steps to set up your store
Step 4 4. Start selling
That's it! 3 simple steps and less than 2 hours and you can start selling
Create a store (14 days free trial)

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