Store information and settings

In store setting, you can configure:

  • store name and contact information
  • add store logo
  • choose default language and currency
    and more

In the side menu :

  1. Go to My store Settings
  2. Push "pencil button" to edit  (if you have several stores in account - choose relevantly store)

Most important settings:

  1.  Store information
    1. Store name - type store name once again
    2. Store owner - your company or business name (type 3 spaces to leave blank)
    3. Address - your legal address  (type 3 spaces to leave blank)
    4. E-mail - store administrator e-mail.  Here you will get all the notifications from your store and email from contact us form
    5. Phone - phone  (type 3 spaces to leave blank)

  2. SEO settings
    1. Meta Title (best practice for SEO) - type store name
    2. Meta Tag Description  (best practice for SEO) - type some info about your store or products you sell (up to 170 symbols

  3. Visibility
    1. Upload your logo  (if you have no logo - store name will be shown).
    2. Country and Region - choose your country and region. This is important if you want to configure taxes
    3. Language - choose default store language. You can add additional languages 
    4. Administration language - choose admin panel language  (you want to add a custom language? please contact our support team)
    5. Currency - choose main store currency (You can add additional currencies)

  4.  Settings Checkout
    1.  Allow Out Of Stock Checkout - yes or no
    2.  Guest checkout (without registration) - yes or no
    3.  Terms