Why fesh.?

Save funds with free fesh. tools!

You are not limited to the number of products or sales at fesh.! No need to pay for extensions and sales commissions

Plus, fesh. has a wide range of marketing tools that will save you tens to hundreds of dollars every month since you don't have to pay third-party specialists for promotion!

Did you know?

The main cost of online store maintaining comes from order fees and prices for add-on modules and extensions

Platforms cost comparison

Simple and quick store launch

You can open a fully functional online store in a few simple steps! No coding skills required - register, choose your store theme and add products. That's it! Start selling in less than 2 hours!

But still...

Our free customer assistance program is here to help - we'll set up your new store and adapt the design to your needs 100% free. Just add the products and start selling!

By the way...

Just think about it. If everything is so simple, why do competing platforms use hundreds of agencies that “help” to develop an online store for thousands of dollars?

Probably, the industry's leading store promotion toolkit

Increase repeating sales with loyalty programs and apply targeted marketing to different customer groups. Create coupons, gift cards and give rewards

Strengthen your contact with customers

Create email campaigns yourself or let the automated marketing system do the hard work. Our platform can deliver promotional materials based on customer purchases and notify customers about new promotions and discounts

It’s important to remember...

The launch is just the beginning! Most of the time and budget is spent on advertising and marketing

Complete set of tools for all online sales channels in one system

fesh. - isn’t just an online store:

fesh. is trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores in 30 countries

We will not only help you set up your store, configure payment and shipping methods, but also help promote your store in social media and search engines

How it works

Step 1 1. Short registration form
Step 2 2. Check your email
In a few minutes you will get store access information
Step 3 3. Store configuration
Log in to your store and follow the Setup Wizard steps to set up your store
Step 4 4. Start selling
That's it! 3 simple steps and less than 2 hours and you can start selling
Create a store (14 days free trial)

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