eCommerce SEO tools -

Control of robots.txt
robots.txt contains the optimal set of rules for high-quality indexing of your site by default. However, you can edit these rules according to your needs

Automatic sitemap
A site map is generated automatically and you do not need to waste time creating and optimizing it

Customizable SEO URLs
You can edit all page URLs - you can use automatically generated URLs, or create your own

Store theme files editing
You can edit any design elements, page structure and even create individual pages for specific products or categories

Third-party scripts adding
You can add any third-party scripts to any part of the page

Page titles and h1,h2,h3.... headings
All headings are generated automatically based on the product or category name and according to the search engines recommendations. However, you can edit headers and their structure according to your needs

Meta tags
All meta tags are automatically generated based on the product or category information, however, you can edit them according to your needs.

Open Graph tags for social media
Control your store's visibility on social media - manage image, title and page description for social media posts and shares

Microdata tags support
You can add and edit microdata tags

SEO Booster Plus pack
MUST HAVE Powerful fully automatic eCommerce SEO tool to boost store Google Ranking! This SEO pack improves store speed and can help your store rank higher (hello first page of Google!), reach more people, and close more sales.

Internal linking
You can use different internal linking tools - product tags, breadcrumb links, product filtering with static URLs and relative products blocks

Blog allows you to get more traffic to your store and improves store ranking in search engines. For explosive traffic and sales growth, fesh. allows you to add products directly to the blog article, add related blog articles and create blog categories

301 redirects
Change store structure or domain without the risk of losing traffic and positions in search engines

SSL certificate
Our stores automatically get our free SSL certificate, but you can also connect your own certificate

Built-in product traffic and product search frequency reports
Control store promotion results and get ideas for increasing traffic and sales

Fully mobile-friendly store design
Google Mobile-first indexing algorithm means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking

fesh. is trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores all over the world

Create free online store with fesh. You can start taking orders from a bold, easy-to-use online store in a few hours after sign-up!

How it works

Step 1 1. Short registration form
Step 2 2. Check your email
In a few minutes you will get store access information
Step 3 3. Store configuration
Log in to your store and follow the Setup Wizard steps to set up your store
Step 4 4. Start selling
That's it! 3 simple steps and less than 2 hours and you can start selling
Create online store now - it's free!

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