fesh. - online store creating process

Online store creating process

fesh. is a premium, all-encompassing eCommerce platform that will power your online sales and allows you to set up a pro-level eCommerce environment without having to write a single line of code. Its beginner-friendly platform, but boasts so many options that seasoned shop proprietors will also find it indispensable. The online store activation process is fully automatic and within a few minutes after the payment, you will receive store access data by mail.

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We can help you with store initial setup, ongoing maintenance, and store promoting.

Online store creation stages

Register, choose plan and create a store

Within a few minutes after the payment, you will get store access data by mail

On the store settings page type store name and upload the logo

Create products and product categories

Activate the required payment methods in 1 click. fesh. support 50+ secure payment methods (Stripe, Paypal, Credit cards...)

Choose shipping options

On the design settings page, select the design you preferred

That's all! 15-20 minutes and the store is completely ready to sell :)

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and get any premium theme and initial store configuration for free!

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