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First of all, what is SEO and why your store absolutely needs fesh.pro

SEO is fantastic for increasing relevant and targeted traffic and sales.

SEO vs PPC (pay-per-click advertising)

Every store owner has asked themselves how to attract shoppers to his store and what is better for eCommerce - SEO vs PPC.
Of course, PPC is a great way to generate immediate traffic, but the return on investment that it delivers has a shorter life span, unlike quality SEO. Suppose you spend $5,000 per month on PPC. Once your ads are live and the money is paid to Google, that budget is gone. And here's the catch! You will need the same budget next month to attract new customers!

Benefits of fesh.pro for your business:

Long-term results

Cost-effective and generate long-term traffic and sales.

Pay only when you sell

Average SEO costs are 1000-3000$/mo and with fesh.pro you don't have to pay monthly for the service

fesh.pro drives relevant, targeted traffic

fesh.pro main goal is to promote store products and get more sales. The best way to do that is a long-tail keywords technique, which are three to six-word phrases that refine a search term to be more targeted and with long-tail keywords comes more relevant traffic.

Brand credibility

fesh.pro help to improve your brand awareness and credibility. There are many users, who instead of trusting a paid ad, trust organic search results. If you appear in top searches, you get a stamp of credibility.

The trove of professional SEO techniques and tools for boosting sales, engaging customers and growing faster

fesh.pro will speed up your store - up to 400% faster!

Website speed is one of the most important ranking factors in Google and crucial performance factor for your business!

Optimizing your online store speed can improve the shopping experience for your customers and increase conversion. If your online store loads too slowly, visitors might abandon it in the first few seconds, which will affect your conversion rate.

Internal linking and optimization

Internal linking and store pages optimization proves to Google and other search engines the semantic and thematic coherence of your store.

fesh.pro using advanced algorithms and technics that allow the internal linking to be strengthened and to bring more attention to the product pages. Category and product pages are the most important pages to rank. To properly optimize these pages, you need to put the right keywords in the right places and that's what fesh.pro algorithms doing!

Active Shadow technology

Product names and description are factors used by search engines to choose which website will be shown in search results. To improve the chance of your products being discovered by online shoppers, you need to include keywords (the words people use when they search) in your product name and description that match what people are searching for. Ok, so, where is the problem?

Online shoppers might use different kinds of search terms to find your product. For example, someone might search using generic terms. Other people might start searching for specific brand names, color, size, material, product model and so on...

Active Shadow technology optimizes your products for multiple keywords and search queries at the same time to capture a wide range of customers, improve the chance of your products being shown in search results and increase sales opportunities.

3DStrike Link Building technology

Backlinks remain an important factor in how every search engine determines which sites rank for which keywords. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings. Getting high-quality links is a difficult, time-consuming process, because not all links are created equal.

fesh.pro using our unique, based on 10 years of eCommerce SEO, experience link building technology - 3DStrike. This technology generates long-term effect and faster than the usual link building process

Availiable in Max and Pro plans

Advanced product pages

Advanced product pages allow Google to provide detailed product information as a rich result in Google Search and Google Images results. Shoppers can see price, availability, and review ratings right in search results.

fesh.pro lets you attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google and it helps search engines in understanding the content and purpose of a product page.

Free ads in Google Shopping Tag

Google Shopping Tag - a free marketplace to advertise and sell your products. fesh.pro will show your products to millions who use Google for shopping

Send free newsletters and increase repeat purchases with marketing automation system

fesh.pro clients can send newsletters and use the marketing automation system FOR FREE without limitation!
Send newsletters by yourself or let the marketing automation system do all the hard work for you - send notifications or personalized messages to your customers based on their purchases

Business Email Accounts

Business Email Accounts help to improve your brand credibility. An email address like jsmith@yourstore.com tells people you’re serious about your business.

Free email services, such as Gmail, are great for personal use, but when you use a free email account for business purposes, people will start to doubt your professionalism and credibility.

fesh.pro allows you to create the official yourname@yourcompany.com email for your store and even separate email accounts for all your departments and staff

Frequently Asked Questions

In your store admin panel go to System - Account settings and press Enable button in the fesh.pro section

There is NO monthly payment - you will pay only when you sell!

The cost depends on your fesh. tariff plan:

  • Start plan - 6% order fee
  • Standard plan - 5% order fee
  • Pro plan - 4% order fee
  • Max plan - 3% order fee

For brand new domains typically takes four to six months, because when working on a new project, it's always a good idea to build up a picture of the site's history to prevent penalties from Google.

Established domain owners might begin seeing improvements in organic ranking and an increase in traffic in just a few weeks.

Yes, you can cancel the service any time - in your store admin panel go to System - Account settings and press Disable button in the fesh.pro section

Please note that the results of all SEO activities come with a delay of several weeks. Besides, some SEO techniques cannot be stopped immediately. Therefore, after the cancellation of the service, the sales commission will be charged for another 60 days

fesh. is trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores all over the world

Create free online store with fesh. You can start taking orders from a bold, easy-to-use online store in a few hours after sign-up!

How it works

Step 1 1. Short registration form
Step 2 2. Check your email
In a few minutes you will get store access information
Step 3 3. Store configuration
Log in to your store and follow the Setup Wizard steps to set up your store
Step 4 4. Start selling
That's it! 3 simple steps and less than 2 hours and you can start selling
Create online store now - it's free!

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