About Layouts and Module positions

Layouts defines the structure of the pages and used to customize store pages and assign modules to different pages in your store You can define which modules should appear on a page, and set the order of these elements. 

fesh. provides the following page layouts:

  • Account - client account page (order list, settings, client information...)
  • Affiliate - affiliate cabinet page
  • Category -  product category (product list)
  • Checkout - checkout page
  • Contact - contact us form page
  • Default - default page. This layout is working only when there is no layout predefined for the page
  • Home - main page of the store. That what visitors see when they coming to the site
  • Information - articles and blog page 
  • Manufacturer - manufacturer information page
  • Product - product page
  • Sitemap - sitemap page
  • Landing Pages -  list of landing page variations

How to manage layouts

From Side menu:

  1. Go to Design Layouts
  2. Choose the page type where you want to add a module. For example, to display the module in the category page - choose Category
  3. Press "pencil button" to edit
  4.  In Choose the position of the modules (more about module positions) area add the module to the position you want and press "+ button"
    1. Column Left - left side of the page
    2. Column Right - right side of the page
    3. Full Width Top - under the main menu line. This block has full screen widthThis is the best place for image sliders
    4. Content top - under the main menu line and under the Full Width Top position. This position has a regular content width. Use this position if you want to show something under the content of the page
    5. Content Bottom - Use this position if you want to show something after the content of the page. This position has a regular content width.
  5. Press Save button on the top right corner