How to add or change custom domain

Adding a custom domain helps you establish your brand and build trust in your online store. By default, all fesh. stores have * URL. You can change the web address that's displayed to customers while they browse your store. You can buy and connect any domain or subdomain

If you want to use your custom domain, first you need to connect it to our servers. All these changes you need to in your domain management panel

Our support team can't access your third-party domain's settings, so If you need help with pointing your domain to your store, then contact your third-party provider’s support team.

Step 1: Change domain DNS records in your third-party domain provider account

Login to your account on the domain provider's website and find DNS settings or the domain management area.

Connect your domain to fesh. You can do it in 3 ways:

    1. Change domain DNS setting to:

    2. Point the CNAME record for your domain or subdomain to
    3. (Not recommended way) Point A record to your current store IP address. You can check your current IP here -

    Important! you have to add 2 records - with and without www

Step 2: Open a ticket or send email to our support to connect your new domain to your account

Note! DNS records update can take up to 24 hours. We recommend contacting technical support only after changes take effect