Product options

Options are extra selections that a customer can make on the Product page before adding the product to the shopping cart.  For example, customer can select product size or color before checking out. 

  • Every option may be free or have a price that is added to the product price.
  • You can create required and not required options.
  • You can add an image that will be displayed in product page

1. Add or edit options

Go to Catalog - Options and Press "pencil button" to edit or  "+ button" to create a new option.

Options fields:

  1. Option name
  2. Type
  3. Sort order
  4. Option values (press "+ button" to add a new value)

Option types:

  • Choose
    • Select (a drop down box where the customer must select an option value)
    • Radio (Select-able icons with the option values. Only one radio selection can be made)
    • Checkbox (Multiple option values can be checked at once)
  • Input
    • Text
    • Textarea
  • File - File (allow customers upload files in order)
  • Date - Date, Time, Date & Time

2. Assigning the option to a product

  1. To add an option directly to a product we go to Catalog - Products  and Press "pencil button" to edit.
  2. o to Product variants and specifications block, open Product has options, like different sizes or colors settings and press "+ button" and the option you need (start typing option name in the Add product option field).
  3. Choose option values
    1. Required this is optional field or client should choose this option
    2. Option value
    3. Available - how many this products you have in stock 
    4. Subtract stock
    5. Price (you can leave blank, increase or decrease product price)

  4. Press Save button on the top right corner