Product attributes

Attributes are the specifications of the product.  For example, monitor size in TV, camera quality in mobile phone... Besides, it allows to compare between products.  When viewing products in the store front, customers have the option to add products to "Add to Compare" to analyze the similarities and differences between products. You can create universal attributes for specific categories of products

1. Create Attribute Groups

You can combine attributes into groups.  To create an attribute group, go to Catalog - Attributes - Attributes Group and click "Insert".

2. Add or edit attribute

Go to Catalog - Attributes and Press "pencil button" to edit or  "+ button" to create a new attribute.

3. Assigning the attributes to a product

  1. To add attributes directly to a product we go to Catalog - Products and Press "pencil button" to edit.
  2. Go to Product variants and specifications block, open Add product attributes and specifications settings and press "+ button" and the attribute you need (start typing attribute name in the attribute field).
  3. Add attribute text (value)
  4. Press Save button on the top right corner