How to create a downloadable product

You can create a downloadable product and the customer will be able to download any file or files after the purchase.

Note! You can sell downloadable products only to registered clients (not in Guest checkout)

1.  Upload files for downloadable products

Go to Catalog Downloads and Press   "+ button" to upload a file

2.  Assign file(s) to the product

2.1 Go to Catalog - Products and Press  Press "pencil button" to edit or  "+ button" in top right corner to create a new product

2.2  Press Advanced settings link in the Organization block

2.3 Add files you want to sell  in Downloadable files section (start typing file name)

2.4  Save button in top right corner

How the client can download files

After the purchase, the client will see the order confirmation information with the link to the files.  This link will also be attached to the order confirmation email.

Note! Order status should be Confirmed, otherwise, the client will not see the files.