How to activate fesh. store

Step 1: Registration in billing panel

(in billing panel you can order new services and make payments, contact our support team, manage and open new tickets)

After registration in billing and support panel press "Order a service" button

Step 2: Choose fesh. service plan and billing cycle (monthly, annually or one-time payment) 

1.  Choose the payment period

2.  Press "Order" button on service plan line you choose 

Step 3: Fill information about your store - name and store administrator email

1. Fill your store name

2. Fill store administrator email Note! To this email will be sent store access information

3. Press "Add to cart"

Step 4: Promo code activation (if you have) and end of the activation process

1. If you have a Promo code - activate it in promo code field

2. Press the Activate button to start the store activation process

Step 5: Sending store access information by email

In a few minutes, you will get all store access information by email - store address, administrator username and password, useful links

Note! If you cannot find this email - please check in the spam folder. If the activation email is not received - contact technical support -