Multi-store configuration

Multi-store system allows you to manage multiple stores with different design, products, currency or language from one admin panel. 

Go to My store - Settings from the side menu. Here you will see your store list. Press "pencil button" to edit the store setting or "+ button" on right top corner to add a new store

Steeps to add a new store

  1.  Choose the store domain. You can use your custom domain or sub-domain or our free domain like *
  2.  If you want to use your custom domain, first you need to connect it to our servers. All these changes you need to in the domain management panel. You can do it in 2 ways:
    1. Change domain DNS setting to:

    2. Create A record to your main store IP address
  3. Fill new store form (Fields with a red asterisk are required!)

      1. Store domain - http:// + your domain
      2. Secure URL - https:// + your domain
      3. Store name - type your store name
      4. Store owner - your or your business name
      5. Address - store physical address (type 3 spaces to leave blank)
      6. Email - store contact email (here you will get all store messages and contact form emails)
      7. Telephone - store phone

        SEO settings:
      8. Meta Title (best practice for SEO) - type store name
      9. Meta Tag Description  (best practice for SEO) - A summary to describe the store and your products to search engines (up to 170 symbols)
      10. Meta keywords

    1.  Visibility block
      1. Store Logo - add store logo (if you don't have store logo - store name will be displayed)
      2. Icon - small icon for browsers and search engines
      3. Language - default store language
      4. Currency -  store main currency (you can set different currency for every store)
      5. Country - important for taxes
      6. Region 

    2. Stores block - additional store settings, like allow checkout without stock, allow guest checkout

After that you need to open a ticket or send email to our support to connect your new domain to your account