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e-commerce hosting

The service includes high-quality professional hosting, no limitations as for disk space and traffic. The success of your store and traffic growth will not affect the amount of your monthly payment! To save customers’ personal data address to the shop is via a secure SSL communication channel
We guarantee our clients the highest quality of service and equipment uptime with the uptime not less than 99.99%
We pay great attention to security of customer data. All fesh. customers are professionally protected by multilevel system of integrated security and protection against cyber-attacks and intrusions, Ddos protection, antivirus and other systems. The latest brand-name servers hosted in the best and most modern Israeli DTS level Tier3+.
Daily backup of all data virtually eliminates the possibility of data loss and allows to quickly retrieve any information. The level of reliability of the equipment meets all modern requirements.
fesh. clients can either use free 3 level domain ( or connect their own domain. All settings are carried out by our specialists and do not require special knowledge from the client.


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