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fesh. vs Shopify

fesh. - is a popular alternative to Shopify. Comparison between fesh. and Shopify will help you to choose the best shopping cart platform and make the right decision. We took the best of two popular ways to create online stores - self-development and online platforms that provide a ready-to-run online store, technical support and hosting for a certain monthly fee.

You can get ready-to-run online store without any technical abilities from you, with free hosting and one of the fastest in the e-commerce industry technical support or you can buy a store for a one-time payment, like Woocommerce or Magento. However, in fesh. you will save a lot of money on store maintenance, because you will get FREE hosting and technical support FOREVER.

fesh. vs Shopify comparison table

(fesh. vs Woocommerce (Wordpress) comparison)
fesh. Shopify
Price 24.9$/month
or 249$/year
from 29$/month
or from $348/year

+ 2% transactions fee
+ extensions payments
Buy store for one-time payment YES
(without monthly payments)
Transaction fees NO 2% of transaction fee for all payment providers other than Shopify Payments
What do you get for your money Unlimited shopping carts
Unlimited landing pages
Unlimited 100% customizable buy buttons
Unlimited buy links to get payments via e-mail, social media etc.
Premium free support and current service
1 online store
Only embeddable product widgets
Marketing Tracking and advertising campaigns profitability calculation YES NO
Rewards & Loyalty program YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Referal (Affiliate) program YES NO
Only with 3rd party paid extension
Store сurrent service Free store maintenance service - we are helping to add or edit products, price adjustment, modules configuration...
You do everything by yourself
Customer service and task management tool Free CRM NO
Live Chat system YES NO
Staff accounts Unlimited 2 (basic plan)
Separate prices for different customer groups YES NO
only with paid extension (+30$/month)
Coupons and gift cards Unlimited Gift cards only in Advanced plan (299$/month)
Multicurrency YES NO
Multilingual YES NO
Products and categories Unlimited products
Unlimited categories
Unlimited sub-categories
Sub-categories only with paid extension (+10$/month)
Corporate email (name@yourstore.com) Unlimited NO
Multi-store FREE and Unlimited Up to 10 stores and only with paid extension
Multi-Vendor Marketplace 49.9$ one-time installation fee Only with paid extension (+10$/month)
Extensions NO monthly payments for extensions
FREE extensions marketplace
Powerful API
You can create your own extensions (PHP language)
Access to more than 13,000 Opencart extensions*
Every extension has its own monthly fee which is paid in addition to the store price
System and functiomality customization In-house service with special prices
fesh. 100% flexible and adaptable to your needs
PPC marketing services (Google and social promotions) In-house service with special prices
Professional Google and social advertising service
Design and templates Only FREE responsive themes
Paid themes? Get individual design development specially for you only for 199$!
80+% of paid themes
140-180$ for every paid theme
Online store on a personal server with private IP YES NO

Comparison was updated on 10-01-2019.
If there is inaccurate information please contact us.
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