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Dropshipping with fesh.

fesh. stores are very popular in the dropshipping environment due to adapted tools for dropshippers needs and professional customers service. Direct delivery or Dropshipping - it is the method of supply chain management, in which the intermediary carries out retail trade without intermediate storage of goods in its warehouse. Products are shipped to the buyer from the warehouse of the manufacturer, dealer or wholesaler.

Our virtual store management system is suitable for both dropshippers at their start, as well as professional and experienced users. We offer professional and the fastest customers support, as well as tools and technologies, that allow you to do your business, while we will take care of your store, adding and editing products.

We will save your time and money

Don't waste your time on store administration - we will take care of current service and inform you about new purchases

Tools to boost repeat purchases

Smart e-mail sending system, depending on the buyer's purchase, discount and gift coupons, loyalty program etc

Conversion improvement tools

Advertising campaigns profitability calculation, 1 click order, pop-up system to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Products import in 1 click

Fesh. allows importing products from the Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress and other marketplaces just in 1 click.

2 minutes only and the store is ready to run

Create a store (7 days free trial)

Other features

Full customer support and current service

We are the one on the market offering not only customer support, but a full current service of the store. You don't need to waste your time and money on staff salary - installing extensions, adding new products and articles, price adjustment, delivery and payment methods setup - all these questions you can rely on our support team.

The best customers support in the e-commerce industry!

The quality of the customer's support

96% of the clients are satisfied with the service 96%

Technical support response time

up to 15 min 33%
up to 60 min 67%
up to 180 min 81%

100% extension and adaption to your needs

We offer a real online store without any functional limits of the ecommerce platform or a web-site builder. You can modify the system to your needs, connect to any third-party service, CRM system etc.

You can use any handy tool to expand functionality and process data: API system, modifiers, the development and implementation of your own modules and extensions.

There are now commission fee

The price of service per month does not depend on the number of orders and customers or website traffic, you don"t pay commission fee.

There are no limits!

You are able to operate freely within any tariff - you will be not limited to the number of sales, products, customers or website traffic. You can open any amount of the e-mails and add any number of the staff to administrate your store.

The best uptime and work stability

The service is including a high-quality professional hosting without any limits of traffic and disk space. The success of your store and website traffic increase does not affect a payment per month. To save customers personal data, the address to the online store is via a secure communication system with SSL certificate. We guarantee our clients the highest quality of the customers" service and availability of the equipment with the average uptime of 99,99% and multi-layered security Details

Wish your store had a maximum performance rate? Choose your personal server. The resources of the server are intended solely for your website purposes. We also provide maintenance for your server!


Manage multiple stores from one dashboard. Set products to appear on different stores. Choose a different theme for each store, localization and currency. Set per store product prices.

Multi-language & Multi-currency

You can create a multilingual online store and integrate your own translation. fesh. is available in more than 40 languages and even right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

Multi-currency allows you to sell in any currency, anywhere in the world. Get automatic rates updates and different taxes.

SEO ready

Don’t waste time & money to get your website higher in Google, we already take care of this! fesh. is an Open Source platform, you can install third-side SEO extensions and modify the source code according to your needs.

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