Best eCommerce platform for beginners

Free store set up service

We will not only help you set up your store, configure payment and shipping methods, but also help promote your store in social media and search engines

Our free customer assistance program is here to help - we'll set up your new store and adapt the design to your needs 100% free. Just add the products and start selling!

We are ready to help you:

We'll make your online store look professional! - free eCommerce SEO service

You can join program and we will promote your store and you'll pay only when you sell!

Long-term results

Cost-effective and generate long-term traffic and sales.

Pay only when you sell

Average SEO costs are 1000-3000$/mo and with you don't have to pay monthly for the service drives relevant, targeted traffic main goal is to promote store products and get more sales. The best way to do that is a long-tail keywords technique, which are three to six-word phrases that refine a search term to be more targeted and with long-tail keywords comes more relevant traffic.

Brand credibility help to improve your brand awareness and credibility. There are many users, who instead of trusting a paid ad, trust organic search results. If you appear in top searches, you get a stamp of credibility.

Probably, the industry's leading marketing toolkit - all you need in once place!

Trove of free tools for boosting repeat purchases, marketing automation and more

Automate your marketing

Let the marketing automation system do all the hard work for you - send notifications or personalized messages to your customers based on their purchases

Newsletters and scheduling emails

Send relevant messages to your customers and track sales from first click to purchase

Smart customized popups system

Increase conversions with notifications, marketing or social approvement popups

Rewards & Loyalty program

Keep your customers engaged with buit-in Loyalty program

Referral (Affiliate) program

Affiliate marketing allows to scale your business at your speed and with minimum cost

Coupons, Discounts and Gift Certificates

You can sell gift certificates and offer your customers a fixed value, percentage, or shipping discounts and coupons

fesh. is trusted by thousands of eCommerce stores all over the world

Create free online store with fesh. You can start taking orders from a bold, easy-to-use online store in a few hours after sign-up!

How it works

Step 1 1. Short registration form
Step 2 2. Check your email
In a few minutes you will get store access information
Step 3 3. Store configuration
Log in to your store and follow the Setup Wizard steps to set up your store
Step 4 4. Start selling
That's it! 3 simple steps and less than 2 hours and you can start selling
Create online store now - it's free!

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