Create Referral (Affiliate) program

Scale up your online store with the free affiliate marketing system

fesh. allows you to set up an affiliate program to promote additional traffic to your store and boost sales. Affiliates will receive a commission for each time they direct traffic or sales to your site

Reward customers for referrals

Reward customers when they refer a friend, and find new customers organically

Increase sales, traffic & grow

Let your customers and affiliates promote your store while watching your sales & traffic grow!

Customize rewards amount

Pick suitable rewards to meet your brand requirements and marketing goals

Scalable Affiliate Program

Create and manage unlimited affiliates (referrals) with custom commission rates

Track, manage & pay affiliates

Track referrals by link and monitor your affiliates' performance

100% free and No Coding Required

Free in-house affiliate marketing system without codding and tracking scripts


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model by which an affiliate and third-party publishers earns a commission for marketing your products.

How do I start affiliate marketing for my store?

Al fesh. stores include a built-in Affiliate (Referral) marketing system by default
Have questions? Chat with us or get support 24/7 by mail -

Can I edit Commission Rates for my affiliate?

Yes, you can set up different commission rates for different affiliates

What is a good commission rate for affiliates?

Percentage commissions are most common in affiliate programs, and the average affiliate commission is between 5–30%

How much does Affiliate marketing system functionality cost?

It's free!


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